Considering Stepparent Adoption?

We at Ryan Fasso Law recognize what an important step it is when the spouse of a parent decides to share in the legal responsibility of raising children. Attorney Ryan Fasso represents spouses who wish to legally adopt their stepchildren.

Most stepparent adoptions require the services of a lawyer who is familiar with the statutory and filing requirements involved in the process. If you are married to the parent of a minor child, you are most likely already helping raise and support your spouse’s son or daughter.

In Florida adoptions, the spouse who is trying to adopt is referred to as the “petitioner” and the absent or adverse parent is referred to as the “respondent”. In order for a petitioner to legally adopt a child or children in Florida, one of the following conditions must exist:

-The respondent is deceased.

-The respondent has failed to maintain a relationship with the child or children and/or has failed to financially support the child or children. In essence, the absent parent has abandoned the child or children.

-The respondent has abused or neglected the child or children.

-The respondent voluntarily signs a consent form agreeing to the stepparent adoption.

If both parents are actively involved in the child or children’s lives, then the only way to successfully petition the Court for a stepparent adoption is to have a signed consent form from the respondent. If the above criteria are met, the Court will issue a judgment granting the adoption.

Whether you are a couple trying to adopt a child or a stepparent who is attempting to assume the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent, Attorney Ryan Fasso can help. Your best chance of success with adoption litigation comes with an experienced litigator.


Ryan T. Fasso, Esq.

Reference: Chapter 63, Florida Statutes