Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one is under investigation, has been charged with a criminal offense, or has questions regarding the criminal justice system, contact RYAN FASSO LAW for a free consultation. As a former Senior Prosecutor for the Polk County State Attorney’s Office, Attorney Ryan Fasso is experienced to preserve, protect, and fight for your rights. As an experienced trial attorney, Attorney Ryan Fasso handles most all criminal law cases – Felony DUI, white collar crimes, controlled substance charges (possession, intent to sell, manufacturing, and trafficking), and violent offenses (weapons charges, sex crimes, attempted homicide, etc.).

Attorney Ryan Fasso prides himself on being an aggressive advocate at an affordable price. His diligence and hard work has earned him an excellent reputation in the community and among his esteemed colleagues. He will not back down to anyone and will use his experience and knowledge of the court system to get you the result you deserve.

Under Investigation

If you suspect or have reason to believe you are being investigated for a crime, do not wait to seek help. In fact, it is best to act quickly by contacting a lawyer as soon as you determine you are being investigated. Do not talk to investigators before talking to a lawyer. Call an attorney before investigators ever contact you. This is the best way to protect yourself for a number of reasons:

The additional time will allow your lawyer to start building your defense before you are charged with a crime;

Your lawyer can explain what to do and say if you are contacted by investigators so you do not accidentally hurt your case;

Having an attorney on your side will help ensure that investigators do not coerce you into admitting fault or talk you into agreeing to a deal that is not in your best interests; and

Often times your lawyer can cooperate with law-enforcement on your behalf so as to eliminate the need for an arrest.

If you are in a position to proceed on building a defense against possible criminal charges, contact RYAN FASSO LAW today.


Family Law

Divorce contests and other family law disputes can be the most challenging and emotionally charged of all legal conflicts. They often threaten your wealth and finances, disrupting your most important personal relationships and placing your entire family in disarray. Attorney Ryan Fasso has the experience to defend and protect your rights. He will minimize the disruption and emotional toll imposed on your family. His practice includes contested and uncontested divorces, custody and visitation matters, child support matters, orders of protection, domestic violence, paternity cases, adoption issues, neglect and abuse allegations, and termination of parental rights cases. If you are facing a divorce or other challenging family matter, then a competent lawyer is essential to preserve your assets and protect your legal rights.

Attorney Ryan Fasso takes the time to meet with you and thoroughly review all the facts of your case. He takes special interest in fully understanding your family relationships, financial circumstances, and personal goals. He works with you to develop a legal strategy designed for your particular needs. He answers all your legal questions honestly and with a straightforward design. He proposes solutions to complex issues and implements a strategy of success.

RYAN FASSO LAW represents spouses, fathers, mothers, grandparents, and all other interested parties seeking legal protection. Receive a resolution of your legal difficulties today.

General Civil Litigation

RYAN FASSO LAW  has concentrated on both the prosecution and defense of civil litigation, including personal injuries, contracts, civil fraud, landlord/tenant disputes, and foreclosures. The practice also represents tax deed purchasers seeking to quiet title and/or correct a title defect to their real property. RYAN FASSO LAW also has extensive appellate experience as court cases can often extend far beyond the initial suit or action.

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